Bricklaying services in Swansea

We provide all aspects of professional bricklaying services in Swansea by Coastal Roofing and Building

At Coastal Roofing and Building we offer our bricklaying services to the property owners throughout West Glamorgan. Our professional bricklayers have broad experience in all aspects of bricklaying, allowing us to undertake all projects in the area.

Our bricklaying team provides a full range of bricklaying services, taking on projects of all sizes, ranging from as small as a chimney repair, to as large as constructing the first shell of a building. 

At Coastal Roofing and Building, our team lay bricks, concrete blocks in mortar and pre-cut stone, in order to construct, repair and extend both domestic and commercial buildings, as well as additional structures such as chimneys, walls, foundations and other decorative works. 

In order to ensure each project is designed and constructed perfectly, we ensure a detailed plan unique to your specific requirements from our bricklaying service. This allows us to ensure we provide a first-class service, leaving you over satisfied with your bricklaying job from the moment we start to the moment we finish. 

We take health and safety very seriously at Coastal Roofing and Building and ensure all regulations are adhered to whilst carrying out all bricklaying services. This allows us to maintain a safe, secure environment for the duration of the project. 

If you are looking for a bricklaying specialist in West Glamorgan, give us a call today on 07810193009 to speak to our team, and to arrange an efficient call out.