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Here at Coastal Roofing and Building, we can complete any extension planning and building on your property in West Glamorgan. Having an extension built on your property is a brilliant way of increasing the internal space in your home!

Why Have a House Extension in Swansea?

Having an extension built on your property has many advantages. First of all, by having an extension, you can either increase the space of a pre-existing room in your property or you can create a new space altogether! Having an extension built is the perfect way to expand the space in your home as an extension can be shaped and tailored to suit whatever you desire.

When planning an extension, you will need to carefully plan the project beforehand. You will need to know what the purpose of the extension is and how much land is available to you to build upon. This will directly influence what shape and size your extension can be. You will also need to know where any electrical, gas or water appliances will be fitted in order to make sure that any wiring or piping is fitted accordingly.

As an extension can be constructed onto any part of your property meaning that it offers a high level of flexibility. At Coastal Roofing and Building, we can help you to plan and build your extension. We can also complete all groundworks and foundations.

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