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Groundworks throughout West Glamorgan by Coastal Roofing and Building

At Coastal Roofing and Building, we can complete any groundworks in West Glamorgan. Your groundworks are vital to creating a stable area where construction of any building can begin.

Groundworks are the initial works that must be completed before the construction of any new building can take place. This means that the ground upon which the construction will begin is checked to make sure that they are flat and sturdy enough to be built on. It also means making sure that the ground has good drainage.

No matter what type of building you are constructing, you will need to have groundworks completed first. This is important because this area will need to be able to bear the weight of the structure on top of it. If the groundworks are not suitable then this will lead to damage to your property, such as partial sinking.

Moreover, having groundworks completed can make sure that any surface water that occurs around your property during heavy rainfall is drained away. At Coastal Roofing and Building, we can complete a SUDS compliant surface water drainage service with any groundworks that we undertake. This includes sewer installations, diversions and buildovers.

For more information on the groundworks services that we can provide throughout West Glamorgan, call us today on 07810193009 or send us a message through our contact page

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